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Hands and hope

Like many good resolution-ers, I was back at it last week on the indoor track, virtuously working on good new habits for 2017. I wasn't expecting immediate results of course, so the payoff I got upon entering the gym was precious. I hope you can see the figures in this photo. They're a little far, hopefully back enough not to invade the elderly pair's identity. But there this sweet couple was, on the track too, walking hand in hand at their own pace. I've always been a hand holder, I've missed it, and I always notice it when other people hold hands. They were talking too, and laughing, and their presence on the track made mine there so enjoyable. I lapped them many times, but I never lapped their obvious pleasure in each other's company.

I hope you walk your laps of life with a fellow hand holder. If you can't, I hope you find joy in others. But if you are fortunate enough to have someone else's hand always reaching for yours, I hope you appreciate it. And I hope it's a really, really long time before you have to let go.

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