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Grief's forecast

Weather. Temperature swings. High winds that can take your hat off. Low pressures. Snow. Rain.

Grief. Feeling swings. High winds of loss that can virtually blow you off the emotional map. Low, low moments. Feeling paralyzed, frozen, and cold. Or achingly uncomfortable when life-giving rain is just a miserable downpour because your puddle stomping buddy is gone.

You could take yourself to a better forecast because surely somewhere the sun is shining. Or maybe you just stay put and navigate today’s weather. Maybe today the rain descends peacefully, in a way that gives you respite and an excuse to stay inside and replay some good memories in your head. Maybe you allow the snow to blanket, however briefly, all the mess underneath. Maybe you just adjust the thermostat as appropriate and crawl beneath the covers knowing it will be different tomorrow. You will be different tomorrow.

There might be a rainbow tomorrow.


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