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He had (and we have) one job

The Academy Awards is supposed to be the story that tells the story of stories. At the end of the night, it is not supposed to be the story itself. Yet, unbelievably, the awards show this year became its own tale, and a cautionary one at that. If you haven't been under a rock since Sunday night, you know what happened when the final presenters were handed the wrong envelope for Best Picture. The announced director and sidekicks were halfway through their acceptance speeches, Oscar in hand, before auditors figured out that another movie was in fact the winner. A national firm is responsible for maintaining the secrecy and integrity of these awards. Apparently, though, someone got caught up in the glam and glitter of the moment and forgot what he was really supposed to be doing - pick up the right envelope and hand it to the right person at the right time. On the very last handoff of the evening, that didn't happen. The envelope guy in this saga is getting heat for his mistake. It appears that he lost focus of what was important and what he was there to do. But really. How often do we do the same in our daily lives? We get sidetracked by other stuff. We take our assignment for granted, get complacent. We quit paying attention and the wrong thing receives recognition. Our time on earth is a great gig and a greater responsibility. We have a finite amount of time to do the right thing. To love all the people in our lives. To set an example for our children. To be kind to animals. To serve those we know and those we don't. Whether it's a lifetime of living (life changing) or a few seconds backstage in Hollywood (merely embarrassing), the opportunity goes by in a flash. Don't squander it by picking up the wrong envelope.

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