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Waiting out the tantrum

The son and daughter-in-law of dear friends are in China right now adopting their precious little girl, Willa. They've waited a long time and when the news came, this side of the world was just about dancing in our streets.

They are sharing their entire story and all of it is worth reading, but today I want you to hear the tough part. There’s a lesson for us all and this young mother tells it far better than I ever could. Her words are accompanied by a photo of a wailing 16 month old and an almost equally distraught new mama. I won’t share that, but I will share this. I quote:

“Gut wrenching. That’s really the only way to describe the last 24 hours. Yesterday was a hard day for several of the families in our travel group. It was flat-out terrible for us. I would give anything to get inside all of these little minds, to know the root of each tear. Their dark eyes are such mysteries, so beautiful and devastating. These babies are scared. I think yesterday their reality started to settle in. This isn’t a dream. This isn’t temporary. For us, the adults, it’s impossible to put ourselves in their shoes. So many times, I have just tried to hold her and convey in any way I can that Mama’s sad too. But really, I can’t completely be 'in' her pain, because I know the end of the story. I know the smiles, the family vacations, the nursery, the friends, the beautiful life awaiting her on the other side of the world. As I hold her scared and furious little body, writhing in pain she can’t convey, I see a glimpse of how my Heavenly Father must see me. Heartbroken and ever-knowing. I imagine all the times He’s held me close, soothing me with truth as I push and kick...”

One way or another, we all wake up one day and, whether it happened quick or slow, our life has changed. It may be impossible to see ourselves on the other side of that change. It’s not a dream. It’s not temporary. We’re scared and we’re furious. We try every way to pick a fight with God. And just like this baby’s new parents, who are patiently taking the hits and the screams and the sadness, God waits us out, giving our tantrums and our attitude a season, and a reason, to subside.

Hold on, Willa. They’ve got this.

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