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Today is the tenth anniversary of Charles's death and I woke up this morning to a text from a dear friend who still misses him too. Two years ago, "Hey God? Yes, Charles." was published. Last week I heard from a new reader, and an old one. This week brought this book review from Brian H. Peterson who is an artist, curator, critic, and author and whose works are in the Library of Congress and countless museums (photo below). Peterson writes:

"This book sneaks up on you! Alternately wry and serious, thoughtful and spontaneous, Ms. Cooper patiently reveals the very core of loss, offering a rocky road to recovery through listening, self-awareness, and prayer. 'Hey, God? Yes, Charles.' is one of those rare books where one person’s story becomes everyone’s story, with honesty and courage reminiscent of C. S. Lewis’s "A Grief Observed." - Brian H. Peterson, author of "The Blossoming of the World"and "I Give My Eyes…"

My life, like everyone's, has changed a lot in ten years. But one thing remains the same. And that is my gratitude, not just in this season but always, for the opportunity to make good out of bad and for every single one of you who have helped me - or someone - do that.

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