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Comfort zone

I've been wearing Aunt Shirley's fleece top. She didn't really give it to me. It was in a plastic bag with her other things when I left the hospital for the last time. I finally washed it all and then couldn't resist sliding the gray pullover on. It's comforting.

You may have read a recent blog on this website, about the death of this fine lady a couple of weeks ago. She was widowed too. We had hung out a lot. Her presence was comforting and her absence is tough.

I know scripture promises comfort and I cannot begin to tell you how many days and in how many ways that's been delivered to me, and hopefully to you, over the years. I guess it starts in childhood with a night light, a nearby parent, a favorite stuffed animal. Linus's blue blanket! Eventually the stakes get higher and good friends and kind deeds roll in. I received a sympathy card last week that says, "Wishing you a peaceful place, a sheltering space, where your heart can be safe from the sadness and know nothing but comfort."

I'm sure Aunt Shirley was comforted by many things in her life too, but none more so than her certain knowledge of the hereafter. I have to say that fleece top of hers feels really good. This soft remainder of her presence is a solid reminder of her faith. Thank you Aunt Shirley. May we all follow your example and provide comfort to each other.

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