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An admirable election

I was recently privileged to follow two candidates, of sorts, in an election, of sorts. Given our current political climate, I may have begun watching this with some trepidation. Yet, I heard not one word of disparagement from either female about the other. No lies. No exaggerations. No half truths or innuendos. Not in person and not on social media. They seemed genuinely honored simply to be nominated - happy for themselves and happy for each other. They recognized the privilege and respected the process, and when election day came, they helped each other get ready for the big moment. In fact, one girl's stunning dress was a loaner - from the other. One of these ladies is my granddaughter and the other one might as well be. I made a five hour drive out of state Friday night to be present for the finale of this election. Did each girl want to win? Of course she did. But they also rooted for each other and so I - and everybody else - could too. And so, as the evening did it all end? Well, a third lovely, gracious young nominee was crowned with the win, and doggone it, if they weren't just as happy for her as they could be.

In the race for Homecoming Queen, two best friends behaved royally.

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