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Provisions for the journey

Did you see the hunter’s moon this weekend? I only know what that is because of my smart Aunt Shirley (well, Charles is her nephew, but I claim her now, 100%.) But hunter’s moon? What IN the world? Turns out, way back when the full moon would roll around in October, that was a signal to the Indians that it was time to start gathering provisions for winter.

I love that. We need provisions always of course, but some and some times, are more critical than others. I was thinking about this because I was doing something else important this weekend too, and that was enjoying our annual "Steel Got It Girls" fall trip. If you’ve read “Hey, God? Yes, Charles.”, you know these are dear friends who came into my life within weeks of Charles’s death and none of whom ever left. They have lifted me up and sorted me out and talked me down. They’ve provided love and laughter and friendship and brute force. They’ve been up in my business, and they always have my back. Never and no is not an option. When we ran out of firewood this weekend, we just took to the woods and turned limbs into logs without an ax. With friends like that, you know the best part is how you can store it all up and pull out extra when current supplies are depleted, or the living really gets tough. I loaded up this weekend on all these provisions, even banked a little extra.

Thanks hunter’s moon – and Aunt Shirley - for the reminder.

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