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Wardrobe malfunction

You’re going to think this is about clothes. You know, girl talk. Hold on. Hear me out, actually about yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Tomorrow I get to speak at Belmont University. But today I'm trying to figure out what to wear even though I had that figured out two days ago. Because yesterday, I went to my dermatologist for a routine check. I'm so lucky with my health. I have sun and skin issues from time to time, but nothing major. This time, Doc paid attention to four spots - all on my chest and all hard to hide. As she finished three freezings and one biopsy scoop, she warned me that they would leave four distinctive marks for a week or two. And then she said, "I hope you weren't planning to wear anything v-neck for the next few days."

Well, actually I was. Like tomorrow at Belmont in front of 80 people. I’ve already spent the required amount of time putting everything together, and now I've got to reconfigure my outfit. Which I will do gladly, gratefully. How fortunate am I to have had proactive medical care yesterday, to have 67 years of good health as of today, and to have the opportunity to share the back story of “Hey, God? Yes,

Charles.” to a wonderful group of people tomorrow. I don’t know what will happen the day after tomorrow. But I will certainly be content if the worst problem I – or you – have is finding another blouse to wear.

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