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"Steel" praying

Last night a dear group of friends gathered. If you've read "Hey, God? Yes, Charles.", you know that the SGIGs - the Steel Got It Girls - were one of many folks, instrumental in saving my life (i.e. sanity) after Charles died. Last night was our annual Christmas gathering. We met at Saffire's in Franklin, then enjoyed the Christmas performance at the Jamison Theater next door.

But here's the deal. One of our group, who happens to be the youngest, is experiencing serious health issues and was unable to join us. In the middle of dinner, I looked at the group and said, I'm feeling the need for all of us to pray for Carla right now, and then text her that we have done so.

Without a moment's hesitation, everyone at the table grabbed hands, bowed heads, and we prayed out loud in the middle of a wonderfully noisy, busy restaurant and then we texted our friend what we had just done.

You can imagine her response. It was very similar to mine as these girls lifted me up during the dark days after 2007.

Pray for someone today. Be specific. Be bold. Be loud. Be there. I promise you, it matters.

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