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Recovery Cone

Years ago, Charles (Papa) and I took granddaughters to Disneyworld. At some point, we began to see those ice cream cones and pretty much all at once we all wanted one. Have you seen them? They pile that ice cream up to the sky and then hand those cones to kids. If you’ve been to Disney when it’s busy – and it’s always busy – you also know everything requires planning. Charles found us a table. I pointed out to the girls the danger and difficulty of holding on to the precarious treat and we got organized. I stood in line and placed each order. The grands ferried the cones outside. Finally I’m done and just as I’m headed out to join our family, one of the girls rushed back in and said, “We’ve dropped a cone! Can we get another one?” I smiled and asked, “Which one of you kids dropped it?’ She replied, “PAPA!”

Once we were done doubling over in laughter, back to the line I went. When I explained why we needed another, the kid at the counter leaned toward the back and sweetly yelled, “Recovery cone!” And, just like that, we had another cone. Forgiveness. Grace. Repair. No charge.

Sometimes in our lives, we just need to ask for a recovery cone.

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