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Bittersweet music

If you know me, knew Charles, or have read “Hey, God? Yes, Charles,” you know that his favorite Christmas hymn is “Mary, Did You Know.” One of the best gifts I receive this time of year is when folks find new versions of that song and share them with me. They are often digital but not always. And sometimes it’s a story around the song.

Last week, friends were driving outside Atlanta, heard the song as they passed a Nativity, and immediately texted me! One fellow musician recently reminded me of the time he and “Coop” played the song together, in our living room, with an audience of our cats.

Last night, a neighbor invited me to attend the annual Christmas concert at her church. It was beyond fantastic. It’s Music City, right? And, there, nestled about a third of the way down the program, was “Mary.” My heart just swelled at this gift to me.

But I never miss what I’m sure Charles always knew – it is the story of the greatest gift to us all.

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