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Am I blessed?

I am often uneasy about saying I’m “blessed.” I worry that it might sound like a zero sum game. Because everybody did not have wonderful Christian parents who provided a near-perfect childhood full of friends and family and cousins who are still like brothers and sisters. Not everybody is fortunate enough to go to college and then have a lifetime of satisfying work to do. Love and lovers and children and grandchildren don’t find every person. Unlike many others, I’ve never lacked shelter or known hunger or even been without a car since I was 16 years old. I’ve been loved by great cats and wonderful dogs. I live in a culture where I am free, free to vote and free to worship. All of these things are a blessing for sure.

But does that mean I am blessed? Is there a difference? And if I am blessed – does that also mean that all the people without all these things are not blessed?

I’m not sure I have that figured out. But I know one thing. I’m grateful.

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