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What I learned from Fred

Do you remember Fred? My pelican friend who so impressed me with his work ethic and get-up-and-do-what-you-gotta-do-attitude? Yesterday, I noticed Fred in the distance sort of lollygagging in the canal and I thought - what’s that about? Upon closer inspection, I realized the fisherman across the way had brought his boat in and was cleaning his catch. The bonus for Fred was that the extra parts were being tossed his way. Fred is clearly no dummy (nor were his several friends who had joined him by now.)

Fred knows that life is uncertain and he also knows that he can take a little help from his friend and avoid hours of solitary diving this day. Watch Fred. In the middle of grief, we are sometimes reluctant to accept the help that’s there for the taking. Take it anyway if you can. There will be plenty of other days when we will have no choice but to dive in alone.


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