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The Unrushed Yes

We hear all the negatives about social media and they certainly exist but I love the positive aspects of this communication - the ability to post immediately if a child or anyone is in danger - the network to advertise lost or found animals for quick recovery - the platform to share things to just think about. Today, one of those shared food for thought ideas was characterized as "the unrushed yes." I've never been naturally good at unrushed anything so I read this carefully. The idea is both thought-provoking and challenging. That writer summarizes that we have to get comfortable saying no to many things in order to say yes to the important ones. That may not even go far enough. It may be that sometimes we have to say no to important things in order to say yes to MORE important things, and to allow the time - the unrushed yes - to appreciate the doing of them.

The cliches are true. Time flies. Life is short. Death is certain. Kids are suddenly grown. Marriages hit mid-life. It's good to be reminded before it's too late that what we say yes to will weave our lives and loves together and, if we don't set our priorities, someone else will. We have to determine the things that deserve our time, our patience, our heart, our respect, our memories. Thank you social media for reminding me that the unrushed yes deserves to be at the top of that list.

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