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Leaving a mark in unlikely places

Can you see these stacked stones? We came around the corner of this ocean highway road recently and literally stopped in our tracks. What in the world? Even our Australian host was astonished and clueless. We bailed out of the car to hike down to the beach for a closer look. As far as the eye could see inside this cove were stacks of stones, many small and short, but some quite large and tall. Questioning other visitors as they were hiking back up yielded no definitive answers either. The general conclusion was that somehow someone started this and others followed. And as we viewed the scene, that's exactly what was happening. We soon understood the compulsion and began to build our own individual contributions. I guess we all hope to leave a mark on the world in some way. And bigger than some stones I guess. But I love how this very tangible corner of the universe, beside the Tasman Sea no less, gives us such a visual of the value in effort, both the lone one and the community one. When I remember this spot, it will always be as a verb, not a noun.

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