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Cross this off my bucket list

It crossed my mind that snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef might be a tad aggressive for an old lady, by herself. I haven't snorkeled in a long time but these bucket list items can be pretty unrelenting and this was one. I was in the neighborhood already so a mere two hour boat ride took me and a bunch of people I didn't know to the outer reef. I figured I'd just be alone, on my own, all day. First, after being in the wrong line (does that sound familiar?), I met a couple from Minnesota who shared good advice, rescued me from locker lack, and invited me to join them for lunch. Then there was the dive crew. They prefer the buddy system and I was buddyless, so the lifeguard watched me like a hawk (or a pelican) from the dive platform and made sure he knew when I was back on the boat to stay. And then, when I was in the water, O.M.Goodness! here came Big Lips swimming right up. He was the first of many but isn't he so stinkin cute?!

What a fun day on top of all that scenery under the surface.

PS- if you're hesitant to do something alone, maybe this photo could be a reminder that you never know what might come swimming by 😊 As for my day, to all of you who were in it, thanks guys - hearts of gold and fins of blue!

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