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The gift of time

I have received such special responses from so many of you after you’ve read “Hey, God? Yes, Charles.” Each message has then triggered so many thoughts, but none more so than this feeling that I should share the underlying message wrapped in a recent thank you note.

A sweet reader wrote, reminding me that she had bought the book for Christmas for her mother who had lost her husband last year. But then she continued.

“I took my mom to the beach for a little mother/daughter bonding and relaxation…my mom is legally blind and one of my gifts to her this year is the gift of time; therefore, I planned to read your book to her during our beach R&R together. I didn’t know what to expect, but I certainly didn’t imagine the vulnerability, truth, and extreme humor which saturated the pages. It was as if your words seeped into our souls. We could identify with so much and we laughed until we cried. What a special gift you have shared with anyone who has experienced a loss. There are so many friends I want to share this work with. Thank you, thank you…for creating Hey, God? Yes, Charles. It is a beautiful piece of yourself. The four nights I read to my mom were actually the highlight of our vacation. Love to you.”

I of course love reading this note. Love it. But the highlight for all of us is the reminder - to ALWAYS give, and take, the gift of time.

I asked this writer for permission to share her words with you. She generously agreed and modestly added “it’s not an original thought.” No, honey, it isn’t, but it is certainly one that is worth repeating.

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