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Payback sorta is

I did an interview this week with Lighthouse Media. One of the questions that the interviewer asked was if I could share something personal, something funny about Charles. I willingly threw my husband under the bus and, and even though it’s already outed in a conversation in “Hey, God? Yes, Charles.”, I reminded the world about his reputation for losing things – glasses, umbrellas, gloves, anything really.

As I told the interviewer, one of the best examples was when he was shopping for a new pair of glasses and he told the sales clerk that I wouldn’t let him buy expensive frames because I thought he would just lose them and he knew he certainly would not! Later when we went back to pick up the glasses, she handed him his billfold – which he had left behind earlier. I howled, and might have mentioned that day a time or two over the years!

That interview was published yesterday morning. Within an hour of reading it, I walked into my kitchen with checkbook in hand. I then spent two hours looking for that checkbook. It was not in the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the crockpot, or the trash. I’m sure the conversations between Charles and God continue.

Very funny, guys.

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