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Reminders - sticky notes, to do lists, whatever - have always been a staple. Charles once looked at me with concern asking why my keys were in the refrigerator. Hello, I had food I didn't want to forget to take to work! Before he died, I probably had to be reminded a little too often to enjoy the moment. No more.

A dear friend and I are at the beach this week with two teenagers and we savor the sand and the sass. She and I seem to hit the funny button every night around bedtime and giggle ourselves to sleep. Upon arrival, the girls immediately claim the master bedroom side. In a few minutes, a message pops up on my phone summoning me to come over which means walk across the living room. I find them in the jacuzzi, running wide open, in their swimsuits. Phones in hand of course. I'm howling, but also glad I'm not responsible for replacements! As the week progresses, they steal our beach towels, our shampoo, and our soap. We have way too much fun over a running toilet. Our grocery cart mysteriously acquires ranch chips, pop tarts, and pizza rolls. There are swimsuit changes every hour. They roll their eyes, but still graciously pose for pics, explaining to my friend when I reach for the camera that they're "used to it." There are yes ma'am's and no ma'am's and we want you to go to the water park with us please ma'am's. We are promised a lazy river.

The week isn't over yet and I don't want to miss a thing.

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