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The traveling book

How fun is this : ) In some remarks addressing a group at Belmont University a couple of weeks ago, I included much of the back story to "Hey, God? Yes, Charles." In sharing many of the things that have knit this journey together, I also pointed out that no credit is mine, that I didn't even write the book - Charles and God took care of that. Nonetheless, I confessed to a favorite part, and that's all the messages and responses I have received from folks who have read it. On Sunday afternoon, I was blessed with another great story. This one about "the traveling book."

I’ve come to know a wonderful neighbor on the street behind me. She had told me some time ago that she has so many friends near and far who could benefit from reading my story. But instead of sending out individual copies, she lends each of them her own book - one at a time and in person or by mail - and asks them to take all the time they need but, when they're done, to return the book with a note of their thoughts written inside.

So on Sunday, she wanted to talk to me after church to report in from Minnesota. The book is still there, but that friend had called to thank her and to let her know that she had already read the book twice, bought her copies for her own friends, and, if it was okay, might just take the time to read it a third time before dropping it in the mailbox for its return route home. Once back here, the traveling book will pick up its next assignment. How fun is this : )

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